Philips Healthcare - Innovative display solutions 2018


As one of the world’s leading consumer technology companies, Philips need exhibition environments that reflect their products and support their brand message ‘Innovation and you’.
At the same time, they have budgets to meet and their high tech displays require cost-effective creativity.

Case Studies | Philips Healthcare - Innovative display solutions 2018 |


The innovative display solutions we’ve delivered for Philips Healthcare epitomize cost-effective creativity. Our highlights include an ambient light wall display for MIC, which used dynamic lighting control to simulate the soothing ambient experience of Philips’s MRI systems; the multi-panel LED screen arch we created for EHI Live that could play their full range of brand and product videos simultaneously, or synchronise its screens to create a striking single display.

Each of these solutions had its practical demands, which our technicians handled like skilled illusionists, hiding the support mechanisms in variously inventive ways to ensure maximum visual impact. And of course we provided constant onsite tech support to keep things running seamlessly.

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