RAF 2018 - 150 airshows and events logistics


The scale and diversity of the RAF’s annual event programme makes them one of our most challenging clients. In 2018 we were required to provide installation, logistical and onsite support services for over 150 airshows and events: everything from arranging pull-up banners, to storing, transporting and installing a full-sized replica Typhoon.

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Asset management and storage: we secured and maintained in excess of 2000 assets, ranging from the very large, full-sized replica aircraft Typhoon, Hawk and Chinook, to the high-tech VR headsets. At times we managed the deployment of assets for four events simultaneously across the breadth of the UK.

Transportation: the RAF’s unique asset range required all our experience of wide-load transport, and significant advance planning – specialist trailers have to be inspected every 6 weeks and all our route plans required approval from police.

Asset maintenance: our kit specialists refurbished and quality checked all these assets in miniscule turnaround times between events, including virtual reality headsets and lighthouses, exhibition domes, replica aircraft, and interactive display screens.

Onsite support: our multi-talented technicians were on standby across all 150 events ready to service the full range of RAF assets.

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