SXSW 2019 Stand Exhibited In Austin, Texas


Our existing client DIT needed a cost-effective stand of high build quality that represented the UK’s global trade ambitions. At the same time the project delivery had to meet the unique demands of exhibiting in the US.

Case Study | SXSW 2019 in Austin, Texas |


The solution was a cost-effective mix of existing display assets – which we store for the client – and bespoke assets, which we built for SXSW. We refurbished the existing assets and applied new graphic features to tailor them for the show.

Our knowledge of the demands of exhibiting in the US influenced the design of the bespoke assets. To minimize the onsite demurrage costs (US exhibition stand tax calculated by weight) we advised the use of lightweight materials, weight-saving design features and a streamlined stand profile.

We were also mindful of US labour rules, requiring the use of American workers in the build. Our production plans ensured that the build and de-rig was as simple as possible to mitigate against the unknown experience level of the workforce.

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